About Hue & Flores


Hue: "A colour or shade" forms the main element of brand inception for Hue & Flores.

Flores: Spanish meaning for flora/flowers.

You have: colour & flora. 


Forever inspired by the mesmerizing colours surrounding us in the tranquility of nature, these wonderful hues are being craved during the difficult global pandemic we are enduring.

Hue & Flores was established during a time when the collective world was propelled to stop and live a slower life.

Our designs are inspired by seaside nature and its tranquil surrounds - salty sea air, calm ocean water, lush coastal vegetation.

Our product labelling features earthy tones terracotta, baked clay, pale blush pink alongside cool eco colours sage green & sea mist. 

Soy wax candles: The glow of a H&F candle enhances your daily mindfulness and complements your self-care routine, promising to spark love for an eco-friendly naturally fragrant journey.  

Everlasting flora: A curated cluster of H&F flora in a beautiful ceramic vessel situated in your favourite homely dwell space will also ensure to uplift your mood. 

Our purpose

Hue & Flores offers a modern decor range with a minimal aesthetic. We are strongly commited to creating and delivering product in an eco-friendly sustainable manner, and will strive to make improvements as more materials become available.


Our home fragrance is ‘scented’ around taking a mindful moment to unwind with a glowing candle, filling a room with a beautiful scent to uplift your senses.

Our sense of smell is linked to the physiological effects of how we feel, directly influencing our mood, stress level, and sense of well being.

A familiar smell will brighten your mood reminding you of a favourite place.

Our first collection intends to bring your favourite summer seaside scent inside. 

The hand-poured creation of a Hue & Flores candle, using all natural products, aims to make you feel good and brighten your home.

Our flora bloom bar offers beautiful dried floral stems in pre-arrangements to enhance your home sanctuary.