Colour inspiration: Hue & Flores

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Hue: "A colour or shade" forms the main part of brand inception for Hue & Flores.

Forever inspired by the mesmerizing colours surrounding us in the tranquility of nature, these wonderful hues are being craved during the difficult global pandemic we are enduring.

Our first signature range captures all the beautiful colours of our longstanding favourite seaside location, White Cliffs. We have spent many summers in this wonderful part of the world and our fond memories of its beautiful surroundings was the inspiration behind the colours in our first range design.

Our first designs feature colours including earthy tones terracotta, baked clay, pale dusty pink alongside cool eco colours sage green & sea mist.

Our carefully designed collection labels have been designed to bring soft calming colours into your internal home sanctuary - paired back with wonderful corresponding summer scents! This marks the start of our hue fragrant journey!

Enjoy your new natural H&F glow!

Jess x

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