Candle care guide

A great candle experience begins with proper candle care and maintenance.

Here we share some important tips for enjoying your Hue & Flores candle:

* The first burn and why it is most important to your candles life

* Importance of trimming your wick before each burn

* Use of lid as dust protection between each burn

* Putting out your candle & handling soot

* Important safety precautions

Download a PDF version of Hue & Flores candle care guide here

Candle care guide
Download PDF • 162.78MB

We are busy here at H&F HQ working on some development & testing of limited edition candle fragrances to launch for the summer months and gifting season ahead.

Stay tuned via instagram stories for behind the scene sneak peeks!

Have a wonderful Sunday and week ahead everyone!

Enjoy your new H&F candle glow x


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